Confronting Complexity, a VOIP example

Growth creates complexity, and complexity is the silent killer of growth. With this opening to their article on the founder’s mentality, Chris Zook and James Allen highlight the importance of having an owner’s mentality, a frontline obsession and an insurgency mindset in order to curb complexity as the organization grows. Throughout my career I always […]

People Innovation

There is a lot of buzz around the word ‘innovation’ and how embracing it can transform your business. Similar buzz can also be heard on ‘Big Data’, ‘Customer-Centricity’ and ‘Agile’. While apparent links can be drawn between these concepts, my focus today will be on Innovation, its potential for value creation and the common pitfalls […]

The Last Mile of Big Data

A lot has been said on Big Data as it continues to propagate into more functions, industries and markets in the business world. Hadoop, Hive, BigQuery and other technologies dominate, as well as the promises for profitable growth, competitive advantage and success for businesses that embrace this evolution, or some would say revolution. FROM ‘HOW’ […]